Charles “Wolfie” Raynor is a Youtuber, comedian, rapper, and multi-talented entertainer.

Born in London, Ontario on June 15, 1993, Wolfie is the middle child of Chris and Mandy Raynor. His father is an orthopaedic surgeon, and his mother works in the fitness industry. He has an older brother named Zach a.k.a. Roary who is the lead singer in a band called The Lionyls, and his sister Quintessa is a dancer and aspiring rapper/songwriter.

Charles has always loved performing and making videos, starting his first Youtube channel at the age of thirteen called ThoseChoobz. He has since created five more – Terribadz, TheSquids, DemHoodNiggs, CeeRayzTV, and his current main channel, WolfieEnt.

He started WolfieEnt in August of 2013 while working on a degree in business/marketing at Ottawa’s Carleton University. Once he graduated in May 2016, he started working full time on his Youtube career, and with the help of fellow Ottawa Youtuber David Parody and their crew called “Team ALBOE”,  Wolfie’s channel grew from a few hundred thousand followers to over two million in a matter of months.

Currently, he does a variety of things from pranks and challenges, to music parodies and reaction videos. He hopes to expand into movies and music in the near future. You can also watch him on his second channel – “MoreWolfie” – where he vlogs his day-to-day adventures.

Wolfie currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario collaborating often with family and friends. According to him, he plans to take over the world. When asked what that means exactly, he replied with his trademark smirk, “Like I always say, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s an absolute banger.”